The Universal Brotherhood Always incites man to do what is right, that is, to fulfil the plan.

From: The Gnosis in present-day manifestation

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“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” We would like to draw a parallel between this phrase and the things that happen in our daily lives, and how it has a direct relation with our separation from the Light, Truth and Love. Initially, we need to be sincere with ourselves. Have you ever realized how [Read more …]


We would like to talk about something that is fundamental on our spiritual journey: Love. Contrary to what is normally understood, love is not a feeling but a state of life. Since we were born we are seeking love, because we feel a great emptiness inside, and we often do not know how to explain the [Read more …]

Emotions and Consciousness

Youth is perhaps the moment of life in which we live most intensely all of our emotions. We despair of events that escape our control as if there were no tomorrow, and we vibrate by the smallest of achievements as if we had achieved the title of champions of the soccer world cup. There is no [Read more …]

International YR Pentecost weekend in Zurich coming soon!

  Dear friends, It is with great joy that we announce an international YR Pentecost weekend in Zurich, Switzerland, which will take place from 2 to 5 June. Various influential people lived in Zurich: Wolfgang Pauli, C.G. Jung, Albert Einstein and Paracelsus. The thing they had in common is: they were all looking for the boundaries [Read more …]

International YR conference in Saint Petersburg coming soon!

  Dear brothers and sisters, dear Young Rosicrucians, The 21st century and the Age of Aquarius open up a unique opportunity for mankind, an opportunity for manifestation and realization of true love, kindness and mercy – everything that lives within each of us, enclosed in the divine spirit spark, everything that we can unfold, not only [Read more …]

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